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G10 FR4


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G10/FR4 is a thermo-laminated glass epoxy material mostly used in electrical applications where high heat, mechanical stability and electrically insulative conditions are needed. The G10/FR4 fiberglass sheet is stable up to 285F making it ideal for high temp applications where electrical conditions cause high heat. G10/FR4 also has a very low water absorption rate.  In addition to the G10/FR4 materials being mechanically and electrically stable, the G10/FR4 panels, once machined into parts, hold very tight and crisp features. The G10/FR4 material can continue to operate at maximum efficiencies for a relatively long time while holding its shape and size. G10/FR4 can be used as terminal boards, insulators and is a great laminate composite for high moisture environments.


Cryogenic G10 material is used in applications where out gassing and low temperatures are a concern. The Cryogenic G10 sheets boast a low temperature of 160K. Cryogenic G10 (G10-CR) plates are typically used in space or vacuum applications. The fact that Cryogenic G10 does not outgas and has the ability to stand lower temperatures while remaining mechanically and thermally stable makes the G10-CR boards ideal for thermal neck rings in Nitrogen cryogenic vessels. Cryogenic G10 can also be used in pipe saddles, medical instruments and robotics for underwater ROVs or robotic applications in space. Our G10-CR material is of the highest quality and has shelf life of more than 3 years, if stored properly. The specifications for the G10 Cryogenic materials are located on this page. As with all of our other G10 materials, we can machine and fabricate to specific drawings for a complete Cryogenic G10 turnkey solution.


G10/FR4 Rods are available in 3 inch diameters down to .062 inch diameters. The G10/FR4 rod material is ground down with precision machines to meet very high tolerance standards. The G10 Rod also exhibits a high temperature rating of 140C and absorbs less than .01% moisture if totally submerged in water. In addition to the low water absorption, G10/FR4 rods have amazing structural integrity and mechanical stability when machined or fabricated. G10/FR4 rod carries a very high dielectric strength making it an excellent choice for high voltage applications. G10/FR4 rods can be threaded to make a fiberglass bolt for use in electronic enclosures. G10/FR4 Rod is suitable for use in environments where mild, and some strong, chemicals are present. G10/FR4 rods can withstand petroleum based products and have a great chemical resistance to MEK, Acetone and other highly concentrated chemicals. A chemical resistance chart for G10 FR4 is listed on our G10 FR4 Properties page located here.


We have the ability to machine G10/FR4 in a wide range of shapes and sizes. We can machine and fabricate G10/FR4 washers, G10/FR4 spacers, G10/FR4 sleeves, G10/FR4 bushings, G10/FR4 enclosures and many other "standard" shapes and sizes.  Our extensive line of measuring and quality assurance procedures allow us to do a quick turn on G10/FR4 materials in a relatively short amount of time while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Send us your drawings today to receive a quote on your G10/FR4 fabricated drawing requirements.


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