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G10/FR4 is a thermo-laminated glass epoxy material mostly used in electrical applications where high heat, mechanical stability and electrically isolative conditions are needed. The G10 FR4 fiberglass sheet is stable up to 285 °F making it ideal for high temp applications where electrical conditions cause high heat. G10 FR4 also has a very low water absorption rate. In addition to the G10-Fr4 materials being mechanically and electrically stable, the g10 /fr4 panels, once machined into parts, hold very tight and crisp features. The g10 Fr4 material can continue to operate at maximum efficiencies for a relatively long time while holding its shape and size. G10 FR4 is used as terminal boards, insulators and is a great laminate composite for high moisture environments.


G10 FR4's electrical insulating, heat and water resistance capabilities makes G10 FR4 a perfect solution.


G10 FR4 is stable material with a hardnes of 110 Rockwell, Good For heavy industrial use.


G10 FR4 materials are often used on        transformers, terminal strips,         bus bar blocks and insulators.


From Hydro-Electric, Power Generation Plants, to Wind Farms...G10 FR4-Stable Insulator